After 12 Years, I’m Leaving 100 Percent Fed Up…But I’m Not Leaving The Fight To Save America and My Homestate of Michigan

My name is Patty McMurray. I am one of the two co-founders of 100 Percent Fed Up, a brand developed by two moms living in Michigan who became 100% fed up when Barack Obama began to fulfill his promise of fundamentally transforming America in 2008. We met while working on a US Congressional campaign for a Republican candidate and Army veteran, Rocky Raczykowski.

We were two moms of young daughters that chose to give up our careers to stay home and raise our children. Leisa’s world was rocked to the core when the auto dealership her father-in-law, a Korean veteran, built from the ground up over 40 years ago was suddenly taken away from her family by the Obama regime, who strategically chose winners and losers in the massive auto bailout. Her husband, who was running the dealership at the time for his father, received a Fed-Ex package with a letter inside informing them that the government had decided their dealership, which was one of the top dealerships in the state of Michigan and in the country, would no longer be allowed to remain in business.

Former top-performing Audette Cadillac dealership in West Bloomfield, MI

My story isn’t as dramatic, as I was a Rush Limbaugh follower who already knew the consequences of America electing a man (who likely wasn’t even an American citizen) who, together with his angry wife, hated the country that provided them with so much opportunity. Instead of unifying America, the first Black President, who was raised by a white mother and grandparents in a mostly white community in Hawaii, and his America-hating wife, Michelle, spent most of their time setting America up for a race war, the likes of which we haven’t seen since the 1967 race riots in Detroit.

The streets of Detroit during the 1967 riots

Black Lives Matter was born under Barack and Michelle Obama.

White House logs showed that BLM leaders met several times inside the White House house during Obama’s presidency.

Former MSNBC host and race-baiter-for-profit Al Sharpton was also a regular guest inside Barack and Michelle Obama’s White House.

As more evidence of who was behind the Obama-era race wars that continued throughout the Obama presidency and ramped up during President Trump’s first term, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and George Soros were even sued by a Black police sergeant in Dallas over inciting race wars in his city.

I was becoming increasingly concerned with the state of the national security risks our nation was facing as I watched our state being flooded with immigrants, cities across America being burned to the ground, and local businesses being looted with no consequences, and I decided I needed to do something, as I could not in good conscience, agree to turn my back on a country so many people before me fought for and died to defend.

Leisa and I attended a private function where we had the privilege of meeting and speaking with America’s most important conservative warrior Andrew Breitbart. One week after we met Andrew Breitbart, he died unexpectedly. The moment I heard the news, I knew it was time to give up my mostly quiet life and become a full-time activist.

Here’s a short clip of Andrew Breitbart that serves as a reminder of how all Americans should be fighting back against an evil divide-America agenda that was placed on steroids while Barack and Michelle Obama occupied the White House.

Leisa and I met at a coffee shop to discuss our future plans, and it was there that we hatched our plan to carry the torch of Andrew Breitbart.

Within two years of starting our 100 Percent Fed Up Facebook page, we were reaching upwards of 10,000 shares per post. After being prompted by our good friend, filmmaker, and news website owner, Dennis Michael Lynch, we decided to start our own website, and was born.

We became one of Trump’s biggest supporters on Facebook. Only days before President Trump was elected, we woke up to discover that without warning, Facebook had unpublished our page, which at the time, was one of the top conservative pages on Facebook

The notice read: Your page has been unpublished, and it cannot be published again.

We were devastated, but decided to implement what we’d learned from Andrew Breitbart, which was that the best disinfectant is sunshine, so we reached out to Lana Shadwick, a journalist friend at Breitbart News who wrote about how Facebook, without warning, shut down our page. Within a couple of hours of the Breitbart article being published, our page was re-published.

We never got an apology or an explanation. We simply received a one-sentence reply:

The censorship didn’t stop there; Facebook continued to prevent readers from seeing our content by hiding content they asked to see when they “liked” our page from their newsfeed. Shortly after our page was unpublished, we began to work with two Facebook representatives who explained that our traffic would never be allowed to return to the levels we once saw when Facebook users were allowed to see the content they chose to see instead of Facebook employees choosing which content they could see.

After 10 years of working 7 days a week and, many times, 12-hour days while facing unimaginable censorship and attacks from fake news, third-party, leftist Facebook “fact-checkers,” Leisa became burned out and decided to move on from the daily grind.

Perhaps I should’ve joined Leisa in her retirement, but I decided to hang on for two more years. I worked closely with my dear friend Jim Hoft, who owns America’s most important publication, The Gateway Pundit. Jim and I have worked together on several critical projects, including voter fraud at the TCF, sharing footage of multiple people dropping stacks of ballots into drop boxes across Detroit, and investigations into January 6 suspects and potential federal agents on the ground to encourage others to commit crimes. We were some of the first people to report on John Sullivan (Jayden X) and Ray Epps. We also interviewed Oathkeeper Founder and President Stewart Rhodes, who knew his days were numbered, as he believed the feds would find a way to tie him to the Jan 6 incident that was wrongfully labeled an “insurrection.” We worked with True the Vote’s Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips, who broke one of the biggest news stories of the decade with their work that was used to create the “2000 Mules” movie. We also worked hard to expose America’s most dangerous players, like George Soros, MI SOS Jocelyn Benson, Dr. Fauci, Hillary Clinton, corrupt leadership in the FBI, and Barack and Michelle Obama.

I share my story and my dear friend Leisa’s story with you because I have decided to join Leisa in retirement. I  will never regret the last 12 years that I used my 100 Percent Fed Up platform to share the news the dishonest media refuses to report. I will always be proud of the work we did to expose voter fraud, shine a light on the truth behind illegal immigration, reveal the real danger our government agencies pose to everyday Americans, and highlight those in government and in leadership roles in both political parties who pose a clear and present danger to America.

Thank you for following our website and social media sites for over a decade. I love each and every one of you and promise I am not going into hiding. I will continue to fight the good fight in Michigan and can be found on occasion writing for the Gateway Pundit, where I’ve been a regular contributor for years.

Rest assured, the person who is taking over the 100 Percent Fed Up site will do great things for the site and, from what I can tell, shares a similar philosophy.

As I go, I would like to thank Jesus Christ for the gifts He has given me. I would like to thank Leisa for her years of dedication to helping me to tell the truth. I would like to thank my husband and now adult children for putting up with me for all of these years and for all the times I needed to walk away from whatever we were doing to report a breaking news story that needed to be published. I would like to thank my parents, who are my biggest cheerleaders, my siblings, my writers, and my friends, especially Marian, Rosanne, Meshawn, Matt, Bill, Matt, Rocky, Phil, Joe, Warren, Patty, Janie, Becky, Patrice, G, Stephanie, and Mike Lindell, for his never-ending support The list goes on forever of those who have supported my efforts for so many years. I’d like to offer a special thank you to my dear friends Jez, Chris, Joe Hoft, and Ted, with whom I have worked for over 10 years, but most especially to Jim Hoft, the man who made this journey all worthwhile, who supported me on some of the most difficult days.  Jim Hoft, who’s raised over 2 million dollars for January 6 political prisoners and opened the eyes of tens of millions around the world, is an American treasure and the closest person to Andrew Breitbart (who was a close friend of Jim’s) to anyone I’ve ever known. He is the most attacked and underrated hero in America today.

God bless each and every one of you.

Never stop fighting.

America is worth saving.

Here is my farewell video:

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