It’s Not The 50-50 Country that the Woke Want Us to Think It Is

Trish Randall

The radical left are desperate that we all believe two things.

They want us all to believe America is divided — half woke, half not. It’s why Anderson Cooper  called Trump supporters, “…that audience that upset you, that’s a sampling of about half the country.” It’s why, in his red speech, Biden claimed half of America is MAGA. It’s why TV news would report a 2022 UC Davis survey where half the subjects saw democracy as imperiled and expected civil war.

Placing the divide at 50-50 makes their side look bigger than it is; and ours, smaller. The illusion there’s no clear majority supposedly indicates instability, and “broken” government, which requires a Civil War 2.0. Until the right-wing steps up to fill the political violence quota, the left is doing the stirring.

Persistent shortages of dangerous right-wing characters and incidents of bigotry leaves the left clinging to ridiculous hoaxes, and continually dredging up a few old stories (e.g., the Charlottesville “fine people” hoax). Jussie Smollett himself wouldn’t really believe two Chicago MAGA “Empire” viewers were lurking in a polar vortex, just to tie clothesline around someone’s neck. Slurs shouted during every serve by a college volleyball player went unheard and unrecorded by anyone else?  Nascar driver Bubba Wallace’s discovery of a rope loop on a Talladega garage door was rightly a cause for concern?

Antifa burning Portland, Minneapolis and Milwaukee for months was “mostly peaceful.” An actually peaceful and huge one-day gathering, where a few dubious characters broke some windows and put feet on Pelosi’s desk, and one protestor was killed by a (never charged) Capitol Police officer, was “insurrection.” Draconian treatment was unevenly distributed.

Holding our ground, refusing the bait, has kept most communities peaceful, perhaps even slowed expansion of government manhandling of patriots. There’s an added bonus of driving wokeys crazy. They’re so triggered by minimal incidents that they can’t fathom resisting bait, which gets them triggered.

For almost a decade, left-stream media was bypassing certain trends, and the public’s residual habit of equating no reporting with no news hadn’t yet bottomed out. These factors had obscured the increasing disengagement with woke entities.

In 2023, the impression of America divided 50-50 can no longer hold. Signs are everywhere that incrrasing numbers of Americans are actively resisting the wokeness.

In spring 2023, the spark caught. Trans creature Dylan Mulvaney posted a video of himself fully dressed in a full bathtub, then another highlighting his Audrey Hepburn drag face on a beer can. Sales VP Alissa Heinerscheid followed Mulvaney into the viral zone, eyes shining as she dismissed America’s top beer and its customers as distasteful relics.  Then came a tsunami of home made anti-Bud Light videos brimming with humor, and patriotism. Sales plunged, consistently, for weeks. Bud Light’s Memorial Day Weekend sales were down 60% compared to 2022. The double-digit declines occurred in every region, every state, red and blue, and continue today.

A recent rumor has emerged that Bud Light’s European owners, InBev, engineered the woke controversy intentionally. A 10% dip in sales, lasting just long enough, would be an excuse to extract wage reductions from a strong union’s well-paid members. InBev is now issuing crisis payments to distributors and financial support to employees and wholesalers.

Right inside their front doors, Target’s 2023 Pride merchandise featured trans clothing for children and infants. Breast binding garments for girls, and “tuck friendly” bottoms for little boys repelled customers, and the market capitalization of the company dropped $9 billion the first 7 days, then $3.4 billion more by the end of May. Corporate HQ ordered some stores to move, not remove (as inaccurately reported on NPR) items. Bomb hoaxes berated Target for insufficient trans support. Strategic omissions in some news outlets’ headlines implied the threats were motivated by opposition to LGBTQwerty.

Disney disenchantment began slowly, as US versions of films and videos have been drip-feeding audiences gay and lesbian moments, anti-happily-ever-after feminism, and allusions to trans. The 2023 “The Proud Family” revival cartoon incorporated a divisive, historically inaccurate musical number about race grievances. Video circulating online showed a burly man in mustache, eyeliner and a princess dress staffing The Bippity Boppity boutique for little girls. Over Memorial Day Weekend 2023, lines were short at Disney World and Disneyland, continuing  declining park attendance.

Two months ago, during a conference call, CEO Bob Iger was blasted by stockholders over graphic Disney children’s content. Stockholders are suing because of declining stock prices and decisions not based on consumer preferences and not maximizing audience sizes. The entire corporation (19 parks and resorts, cruise line, multiple movie and animation studios) reportedly has only $200 million in liquid assets, roughly the budget of the live-action-remake race-swap girl-power flop, “The Little Mermaid.”  A recent rumor from within Disney suggests the current Hollywood writer’s strike is an opportunity for course correction. By declaring the strike an event beyond its control, triggering the force majeure clause in the writers’ contracts, Disney could ditch projects certain to be woke money losers.

Gillette’s ugly, misanthropic 2019 ad, led to an $8 billion writeoff few months. Sales for 2019 and 2021-2023 were below 2018, with a fluky peak in 2020.

When My Pillow founder Mike Lindell publicly supported Trump in 2020 and funded investigations into elections shenanigans that preceded Biden’s occupation of the Oval Office, Bed, Bath & Beyond dumped the widely-popular (and, I can personally attest, quite comfortable) bedding brand. By 2023, the once popular big box chain was  Bed Bath & Begone.

When Goya CEO Robert Unanue, voiced support for President Trump in 2020, the left announced a boycott. But the conservative counter buycott increased Goya sales into late 2020 — even in Democrat counties. This was following a 400% increase in purchases during early 2020’s lockdowns. A 2022 Cornell University study of the Goya boycott aftermath argued boycotts’ damage to companies “may be overblown.” Yet, by June 2022, Goya was expanding, doubled its Chicago facilities, selling in 10 more states, and donating millions of pounds of food to the needy.

Conservatives’ quiet, non-violent disengagement from that companies clearly signal whose business they don’t want have made not just a dent, but a crater. Unlike the left’s shrill political noise and shabby goons tearing up inner cities, the right-of-center’s restraint mixes with joy, humor and confidence. The cumulative impact of silent noncooperation, in every part of the country, in every state, red and blue, has become too vast, too deep to conceal or minimize.

With little violence, relative to America’s size, the left amassed a lot of power. What are our chances of taking America back, without initiating Civil War 2.0?

There is no more room for underestimating Americans’ determination for freedom.

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” Sun Tzu

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