Poll: Trump Leads Biden in Crucial Battleground States

Trump and Biden are tied in the states of Michigan and Pennsylvania in a 2-way match-up, but Trump takes the lead there and expands his lead in other states when a hypothetical third-party ‘moderate’ is added to the mix, exposing Biden’s weakness among large swaths of traditionally Democrat voters.

45th President Donald J. Trump leads Joe Biden in multiple battleground states according to a recent round of polling that previewed the 2024 Presidential Election’s most likely match-up.

Trump is leading Biden in the critical battleground states of Arizona, Georgia, and North Carolina, and the two are tied at 50% each in the states of Michigan and Pennsylvania. Biden leads Trump by a 2-point margin in the state of Nevada, according to the polling conducted by Prime Group between June 14th and 28th of this year.

While those numbers appear to largely favor Trump, things get even better for the GOP’s presumptive nominee when a hypothetical third-party “moderate” is added to the mix.

In that scenario, Joe Biden’s numbers plummet, indicating that he and his party have a huge weakness among large swaths of traditionally Democrat voters, who have grown weary of the far-left direction the party has taken itself and the nation.

According to the results of the three-way poll, in Arizona, Trump boasts a 10-point lead over Biden when the third-party “moderate” is accounted for.

In Georgia, Trump holds a 9-point lead in the hypothetical three-way race.

In North Carolina, he leads by 8, while in Pennsylvania, Trump leads by 5.

In Democrats’ midwestern “blue wall,” a wall that Trump cracked in the 2016 election (and likely in 2020 were it not for unprecedented fraud), Trump leads Biden in a three-way race in Wisconsin and Michigan by 3 points.

In Nevada, Trump and Biden are tied.

The three-way polling was commissioned by No Labels, a non-partisan group that is exploring the possible launch of a third-party “moderate” presidential campaign in 2024.

Among those being floated as a potential No Labels presidential candidate is West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin. Manchin, a Democrat, has often been at odds with Joe Biden and other members of the national party but has cast several critical votes in favor of Biden’s agenda and is a major supporter of American involvement in Ukraine.

While Manchin has not made any official announcement regarding possible plans for 2024, he has traveled to Iowa and is slated to make an appearance at a No Labels event in New Hampshire in the coming days.

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