Bidenomics Is Folly, Here Are Some Facts

54% of Americans believe that Joe Biden is doing a lousy job as President. 51% do not approve of the performance of Kamala Harris. Only 34% approve of Biden’s economic performance, and those same people support Biden’s Border policies. A mere 39% polled think Biden has a grip on foreign policy. If your child came home from school with this report card, they might find themselves without certain freedoms for a few weeks. If you were generous, you would give Joe a solid D or about the same grade he got in law school. This Presidency is a disaster and the only reason Jimmy Carter is hanging tough. He wants to ensure he loses his worst rating ever to Joseph Biden.

Two facts Biden, Harris, and Karine Jean-Pierre fall back on when discussing the economy are job and pay growth. Both need asterisks and disclaimers. The 13 million new jobs include the 12 million lost during the Pandemic. You cannot claim new job creation when people return to their pre-COVID positions. When inflation falls back to Earth from a nearly double-digit high, the modest rise in hourly rates is not keeping pace with inflation. Much of the rate increase comes from continued jumps in the minimum wage. These minimum wage increases harm small business owners the most, resulting in rising costs or businesses closing. These added costs add to inflation, and the lousy cycle continues. This is life in the real world, and why nobody is buying into Bidenomics.

Biden went to South Carolina this week to promote Bidenomics. South Carolina is one of the booming Southern states pulling people and businesses from the Northeast and West. There is a boom in states like Texas, Tennessee, Arizona, Florida, and the Carolinas because they are more attractive for many reasons. The crime rates are lower, some of these states have no state income tax, real estate is more affordable, and many are right to work, meaning less union control. This migration is because of forces due to us being a Republic. States can create their economic environment and attract people from other states. Biden does not understand these forces and claims to be the reason for the economic boom. This is simply not true. The boom in these states is despite, not because of, Federal policies. That was not enough for Biden, who had to go even further in his lie. He claimed his policies were better for Red states than Blue states. He was okay with these results because he is President for all Americans, Red or Blue. Even going into his patented whisper, nobody buys what Biden is serving. Bidenomics will be more of a liability than a benefit for Biden in 2024.

Biden and Harris cannot deliver the message, which is why their approval ratings are falling. Bidenomics may have worked for Biden’s Dad, but it does not work for America. Biden claims he is for the middle and lower classes, but if he keeps penalizing the upper class, there will be no growth, and we will continue to be a service, not a production, economy.

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