WATCH: ‘Missing’ Biden Corruption Witness Reveals STUNNING Allegations That Incriminate The Biden Crime Family

Dr. Gal Luft, who purports to be the “missing witness” to the Biden corruption investigation, released a stunning 14-minute video outlining the case against President Joe Biden and his family as he flees extradition back to the U.S. for trial in New York on various international weapons charges.

The video, which was obtained by The New York Post, details the claims made by Luft, a former Israeli military officer who is currently an international fugitive. He claimed that he was placed under arrest in Cyprus to prevent him from testifying before the House Oversight Committee regarding the Biden family and the bribery payments they allegedly received from people linked to the Chinese Ministry of State Security or Guóānbù. For four years, Luft worked with the Chinese CEFC and claimed to have witnessed the bribery scandal firsthand.

The Post reported that according to Luft, the Bidens reportedly “had an FBI mole who shared classified information with their benefactors from the China-controlled energy company CEFC.”

He further stated that he gave incriminating evidence to six FBI and Department of Justice officials during a March 2019 meeting with them held in secret in Brussels. Luft claims that this meeting was subject to a coverup.

“I, who volunteered to inform the US government about a potential security breach and about compromising information about a man vying to be the next president, am now being hunted by the very same people who I informed — and may have to live on the run for the rest of my life on the run,” he told The Post

“I’m not a Republican. I’m not a Democrat. I have no political motive or agenda … I did it out of deep concern that if the Bidens were to come to power, the country would be facing the same traumatic Russia collusion scandal — only this time with China. Sadly, because of the DOJ’s cover-up, this is exactly what happened …” 

Luft is charged with conspiracy to sell Chinese weapons to Kenya, Libya, and the United Arab Emirates, making false statements, and violating the Foreign Agents Registration Act or FARA. The latter, ironically, is a charge that Hunter Biden could potentially face for his actions concerning Burisma in Ukraine and CEFC in China. He vociferously denies these allegations claiming, “I never traded a bullet in my entire life.” Under the seven-charge indictment, he claims to be facing approximately 100 years in prison.

Luft explains in the video that for this meeting in 2019, the DOJ sent a six-person team to meet with him: four FBI agents and two prosecutors from the Southern District of New York.

“Why did the government dispatch to Europe so many people?” he asked.

“They knew very well I’m a credible witness and I have insider knowledge about the group and individuals that enriched the Biden family.”

“Over an intensive two-day meeting, I shared my information about the Biden family’s financial transactions with CEFC, including specific dollar figures. I also provided the name of Rob Walker, who later became known as Hunter Biden’s bagman.” 

Luft asked the viewers, “I warned the government about potential risk to the integrity of the 2020 elections … Ask yourself, who is the real criminal in this story?” 

He said that in April, he had to skip bail in Cyprus while awaiting extradition back to the U.S. and flee. He explained, “I did not believe I will receive a fair trial in a New York court.”

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