Biden Gets The Shock Of A Lifetime–Washington Is Coming For Him

In an effort to remove former President Trump, Democrats were prepared to hurl everything against a wall and all regulations out the window. 

Republicans, however, have resisted even using the legal means at their disposal to take legal action against Democrats who break the law. It’s one of the issues that riles up the Republican base the most. Democratic bad conduct never seems to result in any penalties. As long as it supports their political objectives, individuals will continue to act in such a way as long as there are no consequences for their actions.

As I previously noted, Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) is now claiming that audio tapes exist of the talks the foreign-born CEO of Burisma had with Joe Biden and Hunter regarding the “bribery scheme” that the executive preserved as an “insurance policy.” This raises additional concerns about Joe Biden’s conduct towards Ukraine, especially the channeling of billions to the nation, and may indeed be a smoking gun.

Joe Biden, as well as Kamala Harris, have both been the targets of articles of impeachment that were filed by Representative Andy Ogles (R-TN), and the grounds are equally applicable to both of them: the “weaponization” of their positions, which includes both what they have done since taking office as well as what Biden was doing as vice president to “shield the business and the influence peddling schemes associated with his family coming from oversight by Congress and widely known accountability.”

According to the first piece, Biden has violated his “personal commitment to transparency” by refusing to comply with “congressional demands for further details and documentation.”

The articles contend that Biden’s actions were contrary to the “public confidence ” and “subversive of the constitutional system to the significant prejudice of the interests of justice and law and to the obvious injury of the population of the United States.”

In the second article, it is claimed that Biden failed to adequately defend the United States due to the crisis at the border, “in violation of his constitutional obligation to take care that the regulations be faithfully carried out, directly promoted the continuing southern border disaster and endangered the populace of the United States,” and it lays out some evidence to back up that assertion.

The articles criticizing Harris accuse her of “extraordinary incompetence in performing any of her responsibilities and duties and a lack of concern for Americans who are suffering as a consequence of America’s continuing southern border catastrophe.” According to Ogles, by allowing a land invasion of the southern border to proceed unchecked, she “directly violated the public trust of the country, to the obvious injury of the citizens of the United States.”

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