United States Census finds that 25% of Children are Hispanic

Per recent data analysis of the 2020 census, Latino children in the US increased by over 1 million over the course of a 10-year time frame. 

The analysis was carried out by the US Census Bureau and researchers discovered that 25.7% (18.8 million) of all US children under 18 were of Hispanic origin in 2020, a notable increase from 23.1% (17.1 million) in 2010.

Florida experienced the largest increase in the number of underage Latinos, adding 259,931 children over the period analyzed. New Jersey and Maryland also experienced notable increases in this regard, with 105,575 and 89,159 additions respectively.

Maryland and Connecticut were tied with the largest increase in total percentage points at 6.5%, whereas Rhode Island saw the third-largest increase at 6.2%.

None of this increase in the Latino population is a coincidence. It’s the product of the 1965 Hart-Cellar Act which opened the floodgates to Third World mass migration. It’s the product of a political class that’s addicted to cheap labor and also wants to replace the founding stock of this country. 

BLP has reported on growing Hispanic support for Republican ideas. However, they are still a solid Democratic vote and should the immigration floodgates continue to be left open, Democrats will achieve electoral hegemony. To prevent the destruction of the Historic American Nation and the establishment of a tyrannical one-party state, immigration must be restricted. 

That means a serious nationalist government must come into power and pass an immigration moratorium, end birthright citizenship, scrap chain migration, and establish E-Verify. Any government that can’t implement these measures is only co-signing the total destruction of the Historic American Nation.

Original Article: https://bigleaguepolitics.com/united-states-census-finds-that-25-of-children-are-hispanic/