Mike Pence Refuses to Say If He’ll Pardon Trump if Elected

Former Vice President Mike Pence joined the Clay and Buck Sexton show on Wednesday. During the interview, Clay Travis pressed Pence if he would pardon Trump if he were elected president. Pence dodged the question 3 times in 3 minutes.

Clay Travis began the Q and A by stating that he, Buck, and most GOP voters believe Biden’s arrest of Trump is politically motivated. Travis then asked Pence if he would pardon Trump if elected president.

Pence responded to the question by saying, “First off, these are serious charges, and as I said, I can’t define what’s been alleged… I think it’s premature to have any conversation about that.”

Travis pushed back on Pence’s dodge of the question by saying again that these charges are politically motivated and that locking up a President of the United States sets a terrible precedent. Travis again asked Pence about the pardon.

Pence started to become annoyed over Travis’ continued asking of the question, Pence responded to Clay by saying, ” Number 1, I do not think you know the president’s defense do you? What are the facts?”

Clay responded with “It sounds like you are fine with Donald Trump being in prison.”

Pence avoided responding to Clay’s statement, ” I have a standard rule I do not talk about hypotheticals. ”

Stew Peters responded to Pence’s interview by tweeting an AI-generated picture of Pence that read, “Mike Pence luring gays out for electroshock reprogramming.”

“Mike Pence refused to promise a pardon for President Donald Trump if the Biden administration succeeds in imprisoning the leading GOP candidate. “We need to stand by the rule of law,” the ambiguously hetero former Vice President said.”

Luckily for Trump and his supporters, National GOP polling shows Pence between 1-5% meaning it’s highly doubtful Pence gets anywhere near the White House.

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