WATCH: ‘Where’s The List?’ – UFC Champ Israel Adesanya Demands Punishment For “F*cking Pedos” Linked to Epstein

Israel Adesanya is a Nigerian and New Zealand professional kickboxer with multiple championships. He won his first championship by defeating Alex Pereira via knockout at UFC 287.

Israel Adensanya has defended this title many times, becoming one of the UFC biggest stars and well liked personalities.

Israel Adesanya would comment on Ghislaine Maxwell’s 20 year prison sentence and would say there needs to be a bigger punishment for the pedophiles that were on that island. Recently, Elon Musk commented on the Epstein Client List saying it should be released to the public, and many other popular figures have said it should be released to the public too.

Heres the video:

With recent relations of new documents being released in this case do you agree with UFC champion Israel Adesanya that the Epstein Client List should be made public for everyone to see?

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