In a recent visit to the U.S.-Mexico border, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) expressed his strong criticism of the Biden administration’s handling of the illegal immigration crisis. Cruz highlighted the alarming increase in illegal border crossings, emphasizing that the numbers are reaching unprecedented levels. He stated, “We are witnessing an absolute travesty unfolding on our southern border. This is deliberate! This is a decision that was made by President Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and Congressional Democrats to open up the border to what is nothing less than an invasion.”

Cruz further emphasized the gravity of the situation, pointing out that the numbers he mentioned were only from the specific area he visited and did not include data from other parts of the 2,000-mile border. He added, “The volume is overwhelming! It’s gotta stop!”

Highlighting the impending expiration of Title 42, a public health order that has allowed for the quick expulsion of migrants during the pandemic, Cruz warned that the numbers would only increase with its expiration. He expressed his concern over the Biden administration’s desire to see higher numbers of illegal crossings, labeling it an invasion. He extended his support and gratitude to the Border Patrol agents, whom he called “heroes,” for their relentless efforts despite facing obstacles imposed by their superiors.

Cruz’s remarks align with a recent NPR/Ipsos poll, which revealed that a majority of Americans, including three-quarters of Republicans, believe the United States is experiencing an invasion at the southern border. The poll also indicated a decline in support for immigrants overall.

While Republicans were more likely to hold negative views of immigrants, the poll showed that extreme rhetoric, such as the use of the term “invasion,” has resonated with a wide range of Americans. The situation at the border, with over 1.8 million migrant apprehensions since October, has led to heightened concerns among the public.

Immigrant advocates have warned that the use of terms like “invasion” has historical associations with white nationalist circles and can potentially incite violence against immigrants. Despite this, the poll indicates that the word has been embraced by a significant portion of the American population to describe the situation at the border.

Furthermore, the poll revealed that partisan affiliation and media consumption play a role in shaping perceptions of immigration. Republicans who rely on Fox News and conservative media were more likely to believe false or misleading narratives about immigration.

The issue of immigration holds different levels of urgency for Republicans and Democrats. For Republicans, it ranks much higher as a concerning problem facing the country. Democrats, on the other hand, are more likely to view immigration as an opportunity for safety and a better life.

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