Receipts Show Patriot Front is Likely a Left-Wing Op to Push ‘White Supremacy’ Narrative

Patriot Front’s origins lie in a left-wing Twitter account and the group appears to have close ties to police in DC.

The “organization” known as Patriot Front was back in the news after its “members” held a march in Washington D.C., over the weekend. Screenshots of the Patriot Front’s now-banned Twitter account show the account was originally created under a false identity. A majority of the account’s followers were left-wing influencers and journalists. Many questions have also arisen after videos have shown DC Police escorting Patriot Front around the city, and giving its members exclusive access to metro train cars.

The now-suspended Patriot Front Twitter account started as an account with the handle @SherlyLewellen. Interestingly, most of @SherlyLewellen’s followers were left-wing influencers with close ties to Democrat politicians.

Many questions arose from Patriot Front’s latest march in D.C. over the weekend. Video from the march shows D.C. Police escorting Patriot Front Members around the town. Even more odd is the fact that D.C. Police shut down the metro to allow the masked Patriot Front members to ride the train alone.

More video shows D.C. Police providing “Patriot Front members” a wall of security as they load themselves and their supplies into rented U-haul vans after the march. It’s interesting that the left has called for boycotts of companies that donate to conservative causes to “stop white supremacy,” yet when U-haul rents their vans to an organization claiming to be white supremacist, the left avoids the issue.

An interesting photo from Saturday’s “march” shows a “Patriot Front member” holding a book titled “DC legal team book.” Leading many to wonder who is on Patriot Front’s D.C. legal team.

As the march was happening, Joe Biden was giving a speech at Howard University where he talked about white supremacy being the most significant threat America faces today.

“The most dangerous terrorist threat to our homeland is white supremacy, and I’m not saying this because I’m at a Black HBCU…” Biden said on Saturday.

D.C. Police and the Biden FBI have a strong history of arresting Trump supporters who are not white supremacists and have never called for violence. With that fact in mind, many find it odd that the D.C. Police provided Patriot Front with an escort on Saturday despite the fact that Joe Biden says groups like the Patriot Front are the most dangerous terrorist threats to America’s homeland.

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